Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recent Events

I decided to start some of this blog over again.  I deleted some of the old posts and am making a fresh start.  I have a lot of things to talk about.  A lot of you probably know most of the events, but some of you might not.

First of all, my divorce is still going on.  We're hopefully almost done (like within weeks).  Its been a roller coaster, that's for sure.  The good news is that I got residential custody of my son!!!  Melissa has already moved out of state and Bryan is living with me now.  I'm still in the townhome, but probably only for a few more months unless the bank does a miracle and accepts a loan modification.

I had to give up Champ, which I REALLY miss him.  It wasn't fair for him to be stuck in the cage as much as he was.  He's a big, athletic dog, he needed room to run.  He was in the cage for about 10 hours during the day, then again overnight.  The good news is that he went to a friend who has a big yard for him to run around and who also has some other dogs so he has playmates.

Bryan is now almost 4 1/2.  He's about 44.25" tall and weighs 62 Lbs!!!  Talk about being built for football!  He's been adjusting to the changes pretty well.  He'll act out and not listen sometimes, but what kid doesn't?  He is learning to a lot on his own now.  He'll get dressed in the mornings, get his shoes on, get his coat on (sometimes zipper it up too), eats with his mouth closed, is learning how to hold a fork the right way and more I'm probably forgetting.

Now for the biggest change....I'm living with someone!  Her name is Ana, and she has 3 kids.  Marce is 19, Maddox is 5 and Peyton is 3.  They're all with me, along with Bryan.  Talk about a house full!  She is amazing and treats me very well.  We have a great time together and are always laughing and smiling.

At work, that's been another roller coaster.  Back at the end of August, Packaged Concrete, Inc. sold the company to Quikrete.  Of course there's an adjustment period.  We've had some people leave (retire) and there's always rumors floating around about what's going to happen next.  I'm busier now and doing the job that I did before plus the job of someone that left.  Things usually slow down in the winter though, so that'll help me catch a breather.  I still do the IT Administration for this plant, although its not quite the same and I don't have the same authority I had before.  I'm also still working for PPCGeeks and his network of sites.

Other than all of that, things have been pretty normal I guess.  I can't wait to take a vacation though, that's for sure.  I've had to use most of my time off this year to meet with lawyers or be in court.

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