Thursday, February 9, 2012

Social Networks

The new thing to do in this era is social networking. Its everywhere! Which one(s) do you use? Personally, I think I'm a member at most of them, but I really only use Facebook because that's where most of my friends are.

Some have come and gone over the years. MySpace is still around, but is nothing like it once was in its glory days. Twitter and Facebook have been around a while and are well-established. Google+ is new and is Google's version of a social network, and now they're starting to introduce it into their Android cell phones. Pinterest is also new and has something unique. I just started using Pinterest and I think it has a great idea and offers something different that the others don't.

Most people are visual. You see a picture and it intrigues you. If you see a page with a bunch of text (like a blog lol), you'll get bored and probably not read it all.

With that being said, you can find me on just about every social network with my long time internet username of mindfrost82. Hope to see you around!