Thursday, December 15, 2011

Made The Switch To The iPhone

Most of you that know me know that I'm a smartphone addict.  I love my phones.  Over the past years, I've used Windows Mobile, Symbian (Nokia), Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

My list of phones I've owned in approximate order:
-Palm Treo 700wx - Windows Mobile
-HTC Vogue - Windows Mobile
-HTC Touch Pro - Windows Mobile
-HTC Tilt - Windows Mobile
-HTC Fuze - Windows Mobile
-Nokia e71x - Symbian
-HTC Touch Pro 2 - Windows Mobile
-Blackberry Tour - Blackberry
-Google Nexus One - Android 2.1-2.2
-Samsung Captivate - Android 2.2
-Google Nexus One Again - Android 2.3
-HTC Surround - Windows Phone 7
-HTC Inspire 4G - Android 2.3

Wow, that's quite a list there!

And now, as of this month, I'm using a 32Gb iPhone 4S.  I know people were disappointed when Apple announced the 4S because it didn't offer a whole lot from the 4, but for someone that's a new iPhone user, it only made sense to buy the 4S.

And guess what...I love it!  I love not having to spend hours tweaking my phone to get it how I want it.  I love not having to reload my apps because I had to load a new ROM onto my phone.  I love the selection of apps that are out there, even compared to Android.

We have music docking things in the house (an iHome, and a Klipsch stereo), so its nice to be able to dock it and play music and have it charge all at once without a bunch of messy wires everywhere.

Reception seems better than my past phones and I don't think I've dropped a call yet.

Windows Phone 7 (WP7) was nice, but its not quite mature enough for me.  There wasn't a big enough selection of apps for me.

Android has been my favorite for a while now, but it would slow down and require reboots too often, plus lots of tweaking to get it to run how I wanted it to.

Where I used to suggest Android to people, I have to say that I'm now an iPhone fan and will suggest it to people.

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