Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meet Bruno

As you know, back around the beginning of November, I gave my lab mix puppy, Champ, to a friend because they had a huge yard and another dog he could play with.  It wasn't fair to him to be stuck in a cage for 10 hours a day, then have nowhere to run outside at my townhouse.  I found out that he died this past weekend for unknown reasons.  Their other dog was a 13-year-old German Shepherd.  That dog died on Thursday or Friday.  Then they said Champ was really said, he slept in the other dog's bed and once they buried the other one, he laid on top of that area and wouldn't move.  He was throwing up some, so the doctor gave him some antibiotics and said he had a cold.  On Saturday around 11pm, he died.  They called the vet before and said he was getting worse and he died with the vet.  They don't know if they both got into something or what happened.  Champ would have been 3 next month :'(

In the meantime, Ana and I had been talking about getting a small dog.  She met someone with a Yochon (Yorkie and Bichon) and fell in love with it.  Its a small dog (doesn't get much bigger than 10 Lbs), and it doesn't shed, which is perfect for those with allergies.  So she started looking online to find one.  The best one she found was in Iowa, a 5 hour drive.  So on Sunday, we took the trip and got Bruno.

He's a cuddler and loves to be held.  He's playful and still sleeps a lot.  He sleeps under the bed with his head poking out from the bed skirt.  So far he hasn't had any accidents in the house, but we've been good at catching him when he starts sniffing.

I, personally, love big dogs like labs and golden retreivers, but it doesn't make sense for me to have one with my small house and no yard.  I love little Bruno, and he's getting really attached to me!

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  1. So sorry to hear about Champ. Just now reading this and didn't know he passed. Just know he is playing with all his other buddies over the Rainbow Bridge and no longer sad or suffering. <3