Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First 28 Years Of My Life

For those of you that don't know me, I was born in a St. Louis suburb back on January 25, 1982.  My dad worked for Burlington Northern Railroad and we moved around a lot.  My dad was from Alabama and my mom was from the St. Louis area.  My dad moved there for work and they met in a disco bar.  Here they are with little old me lol...
I'm not even sure we lived in St. Louis for a year after I was born when we moved to Galesburg, IL.  My sister was born there in 1984.

From there we moved to Naperville, IL.  I started school there then we moved to White Bear Lake, MN.  I met some of my childhood friends there, Kari and Katie.  Their dad worked with mine and my mom is still close to their mom now.  Then we moved to Havre, MT for a year while I was in 3rd grade.  Then we moved back to White Bear Lake for 4th-6th grade.

I started 6th grade in MN, then we moved to Flower Mound, TX, which is where my heart is still at.  I loved it down there!  I lived down there from 6th grade until 2002.  I played basketball for school in grades 7-10...

My first job was at Best Buy where I met one of my best friends, Christy.  Her and I don't talk much anymore, but at the time, she was my best friend...

Then I worked at Blockbuster where I met another best friend, Shelly.  Her and I weren't really that close back then, and she moved up to the Chicago area after I did, and now she's one of my best friends.  We talk just about every day and she's been there for me, especially through all of my divorce stuff.  I also met Josh there, and we decided to get an apartment together and I moved out of my parent's house around August of 2000.

I graduated from Lewisville High School in May 2000...

After high school, I went to DeVry University in the DFW area, but I only went a semester or 2.  I worked in a tech support call center after high school too.

In May 2002, I moved up here to the Chicago area to be with Melissa.  I've been up here ever since, but I've wanted to move back to Texas on more than one ocassion.  I've worked a few jobs up here and I got this one in Sept. 2004.

My wonderful son, Bryan, was born June 23, 2007.  I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Around May 2009, I also got my dog Champ.  He's a yellow lab mix (I always wanted a yellow lab).

Well there's a little bit about my life.

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